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Four Elements of a Strong Company Brand

Why is a strong brand important?

There is more to your brand than a logo and your color palette. It’s about what feelings come up in a person when they think about your company. It’s what they say about you when you’re not around. It’s actually a lot like character or reputation, and as you know, it takes a while to build up a good reputation.

So, when we think about a strong brand, these four elements have to go together to create a strong reputation in the minds of potential customers.

The four elements of a strong brand


You intentionally target the correct audience. If your company targets senior citizens, then an Instagram account isn’t going to be a strong performer for you. Who are your products and services really for? 

The best thing to do is ask yourself this: “If only one type of person could be my customer, who would that be?” From this, you can create personas/avatars that help you focus everything else.


Everything looks like it goes together visually. This is the part that includes your logo and colors, your font, and how you want to appear to the customer. 

Every Starbucks looks and feels the same for a reason. You know what color will be on the walls, what type of seating there will be, and even what kind of music will be playing. 


You know how to talk to your customers about what’s in it for them. Companies often make the mistake of defining their messaging last, when it should be one of the first things you do. 

From your first headline on your website to the about page to the wording you use on buttons, your messaging should be consistent and targeted to the persona created in the Relevance section.


A huge part of your brand success is tied to word of mouth marketing. This relies on testimonials and in the digital world, that’s Google reviews. But you can also ask for reviews and positive testimonials via email and social media if you know how to do it right.

Take these and put them on your website somewhere to let others know that your business is verified by others like them. When you have a lot of positive reviews from customers, it serves to create brand authority: that you are who you say you are. Show that off any chance you get.

Let us help you create a strong brand

If you’re struggling to put together a strong, cohesive brand for your company, let us help you create it! From messaging to design, 8-Bit Communications is committed to helping you grow your digital influence bit by bit. Contact us below!


Seth is the owner of 8-Bit Communications and specializes in social media, marketing, web development, and copywriting. He lives in North Dallas and is certified in Social Media, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing from Hubspot.
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