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5 Things Your Website Needs to Work For You

Your website is probably losing you money.

We see it all the time. Customers show up to your website and leave in about 10 seconds. Why?

Because you’re missing some important elements that they are looking for. Instead, you’re writing a book on your entire company history starting with the invention of the wheel and the customer just wants to know if you can help them with their problem.

Of course, hiring an agency that understands quality messaging (coughcough) makes this much easier, but if you’d like to do it yourself, here are some things your website needs.

The Problem You Solve

The first thing a customer should learn about you when they visit your site is what you actually do to solve a clearly defined problem. If they have that problem, they will know if they should keep reading or take off. They’re going to give you about 7 seconds to explain this to them, so don’t waste time.

A Clear Call-to-Action

Once they know if you are a fit for their problem, they are going to need to know how to buy from you. You can raise your revenue by simply putting a “Buy Now” button in the top right corner of your website.

A Plan that Leads to Success

They have to know that working with you is easy. Lay out your 3-5 step plan for them so they know what working with you will look like.

A Way to Build Your Email List

Building your list of customers and potential customers is inbound marketing 101. Offering a free PDF or checklist in exchange for their email address is common. Getting permission to email them, whether they buy from you or not right away, can lead to more sales that would have otherwise been missed.

A Physical Address in the Footer

It may seem a bit out of left field, but having a physical address in the footer of your business not only makes you seem more legitimate as a business, but it helps Google local search algorithms rank your website for those who may visit your brick-and-mortar location.

Work with Us

Book a call with us and we can get all of this setup for you! We’ll create a custom lead generation plan for you that will bring customers to you. Let’s talk!


Seth is the owner of 8-Bit Communications and specializes in social media, marketing, web development, and copywriting. He lives in North Dallas and is certified in Social Media, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing from Hubspot.
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